By using the Pro Season app you as a trainer will instantly see which talents have to be evaluated and where you need to focus on to achieve your goals. Update quickly in real-time on the playing field the developments to get more grip and better insights of your talents. Be aware of upcoming talents from other teams within your club and take action when talents are ready for a next step.

With Pro Season you will bring yourself, your talents and your club to the highest level!


With the Pro Season app you as a player will always be up to date about your progression and schedule. Communicate directly with your trainer and teammates about training sessions, competitions or give feedback about your results and progress. Share your results and progress on social media to be noticed by scouts of professional clubs. Are you going to a other club? No worries you can easily bring your data with you to continue your progress at your new club.


Pro Season helps scouts creating more time for finding and evaluating talents by automating your scouting process . With the help of the Pro Season app you as a scouts get a clear overview of your program and can report talents real-time on the playing fields. Add new talents and competitions easily to your program and send your reports automatically to your manager. Manual actions and tons of homework are a thing of the past with the use of Pro Season. Make notes and store information about talents to review again later.

With Pro Season you are always ready to take action to discover and evaluate talents!


Pro Season helps you as a manager to get more grip and better insight about the developments of your scouts, trainers and talents. Reduce your working load and create more time to maintain your relationships with partners and your club. With Pro Season you can easily schedule your scouts or trainers and receive their results in real-time. By integrating Pro Season with external sources you can provide your scouts with the most up- to- date schedules and information about matches, clubs and talents.


With Pro Season you are future proof and ready to bring your club to the highest level. Add rapidly scouts, trainers and managers from your club in Pro Season and eliminate private storages (laptops, e-mail etc.) of your clubs data. Achieve highly effective results by organizing the processes around talents more efficiently and higher at the same the quality of your scouts, trainers and managers.

For clubs Pro Season will effectively lead to:

✓ Efficient and uniform results
✓ Data and knowledge storage within one environment
✓ One highly effective process around scouts, trainers and talents
✓ Increasing satisfaction scouts, trainers and managers
✓ Better insights and more grip on talents